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We are delighted to receive a $10k Grant from the The Latino Equity Fund at the Boston Foundation

The Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund (LHSF) is honored to receive this grant from the Latino Equity Fund at the Boston Foundation. This is a direct result of the continued work of our wonderful board, community, and partners who are critical to our efforts to support the Latino youth of the #CityofLynn.

As we look towards the future, we are invigorated by the myriad partners along the way who stand with us as a pillar of our community and beacon for our recipients and their families.

From the LHSF and the Latino youth, the true recipients of your generosity, thank you!

The Latino Equity Fund (formerly the Latino Legacy Fund), a unique partnership between local Latino leaders and the Boston Foundation, is the first Latino-focused fund in the Commonwealth. The Latino Equity Fund (LEF) uses its influence and platform to amplify diverse voices and perspectives within the Latino community and beyond in Greater Boston and the state, with a focus on achieving greater and more equitable access to economic prosperity and well-being.

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