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The Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund (LHSF) was created after Maria Luz "Lucy" Tizol learned about a young man who needed to take a summer course in order to graduate high school. He could not afford to do so and Lucy decided to outreach to local Latinos. She held a fundraiser at the Eco Borincano, a Puerto Rican social club in Lynn, and collected the money to help the student take his class and graduate. That simple event led Lucy to form the LHSF. Though she was a seamstress with no college education, Lucy saw a great need in our community. She recruited other community members to formally establish the LHSF in 1991 with the goal to assist and support Lynn Hispanic/Latino high school graduates in their transition to college.   


Since its inception, the LHSF has celebrated and awarded over 300 scholarships to Lynn high school graduates, a majority of whom come from homes with limited incomes and are first time college goers. Every year our selection committee, made up of local community volunteers, awards about 12 scholarships in the range of $1,000 to $2,500 to help students pursue higher education. To date, we have awarded nearly $150,000 in scholarship funds to well-deserving students.

Over the years we have actualized awards for many students who are first-generation college students in their families. We believe that our scholarship encourages and motivates award recipients to continue their education, and provides additional monetary support when students go to their prospective colleges and universities.

We believe all students should have access to a higher education.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships and post-secondary preparation and support to students of Latino and/or Hispanic ancestry who attend and are graduating from any of the high schools in Lynn.

 Recipients are chosen based on:

  • academic achievement,

  • personal strengths,

  • community service participation, and;

  • financial need. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our scholarships are meant to support our students financially, and serve as a reminder that their community believes in and supports their postsecondary aspirations.


We encourage our students to volunteer and give back to their communities, specifically their Lynn community, and to serve as role models for other Lynn youth.

We Need Your Support Today!

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