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Introducing our 2024 scholarship Selection Committee!

On behalf of the Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our 2024 scholarship selection committee! Thank you for your dedication and tireless efforts in reviewing this year's pool of applications. We are thrilled to announce that we received a record number of applications from students across five different high schools in Lynn, each with incredibly inspiring essays to share.

Luis Daniel Rosero, PhD., Economics Professor, Framingham State University

Diana Luciano, Teacher and Community Member

Elizabeth Figueroa, HUD Director

Kathy Ennis, Educator

Coco Alinsug, Ward 3 Councilor, City of Lynn

Miriam Rodriguez-Fusco M.S., Speech Pathologist, Lynn Public School

Alicia Chan, Senior Member Service Representative, Brotherhood Credit Union

Anna M. Leanos Williams, Speeach and Language Pathologist

Let's come together to celebrate these exceptional students and their achievements! Wednesday, May 22nd, and join us for an evening of recognition and inspiration.

Tickets are now available, so secure yours today and be a part of this special event!

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