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2024 LHSF Scholarship Recipients


We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Lynn Hispanic Scholarship Fund scholarship recipients!

After careful consideration from our selection committee, we are proud to award these scholarships to 13 outstanding students who embody the spirit of academic excellence and community leadership.

All scholarship recipients are seniors graduating from a Lynn high school, who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their education and community. Their Hispanic/Latino heritage and commitment to making a positive impact in Lynn have truly stood out.

We believe that with their determination and passion, they will continue to inspire others and achieve great things. Please join us in congratulations our 2024 LHSF scholarship recipients.


Full Name High School College Plan to Attend

Joselyn Macario Armas                Lynn English High School (LEHS)                   Babson College

Anderson David Blanco              Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)     Boston University

Esteban Cubides Ramirez           Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)       MA Institute of Technology (MIT)

Kelly J. De Leon Lopez      KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC)            Wentworth Institution of Technology

Salomé Duque Lopera                           Lynn Classical High School (LCHS)                    North Shore Community College

Angel Luis Frias                                      KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC)             Northeastern University

Fernanda M. Lopez                                Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)          University of Pennsylvania

Flory Lizette Mendez Merida                KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC)              Tufts University

Alejandro J. Nina Duran                        KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate (KALC)              Duke University

Diego Jose Palacios Ordoñez               Lynn English High School (LEHS)                       North Shore Community College

Elibette Shantal Rodriguez Deleon       Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)          University of Lowell

Axel Alexander Velásquez                      Lynn English High School (LEHS)                       University of Pennsylvania

Giselle Vides Perlera                               Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (LVTI)          Union College


To all the applicants, thank you for your hard work and dedication. Your commitment to education and community involvement is truly commendable. Remember, your journey doesn't end here—keep striving for greatness!

The scholarship recipient's ceremony will be on Wednesday, May 22nd. Tickets are available for sale now!


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